Little Bo Beep!


Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep

And doesn’t know where to find them

Leave them alone

And they’ll come home

Wagging their tails behind them


dear peeps!

all mothers have been rocking cradles of their beloved kids to this nursery rhyme,unaware of its depths.its not just a lullaby,it holds a lesson(s) for a life time!

lets dig into it.

The Little Bo Peep rhyme builds the picture of a young shepherdess and the advice given to her by someone much more experienced.

It is interesting that the name of Little Bo Peep was derived from the derivative of the words bleat and sheep! There is no specific relevance to events in history for the origins of the Little Bo Peep rhyme but its history dates back to 16th century!! Totally Unbelieveable!

The words of Little Bo Peep are quite interesting as they contain words that are an almost forgotten part of the English language. Words such as espied, hillocks and lambkin can all be found in the story of Little Bo Peep.

Now to plunge a little deeper,Critcs are of the view that the morale of the words in this song are that one must take responsibility of falling asleep or face the music.Those who sleep,are bound to suffer later.If only she had fulfilled her responsibity of looking after those sheep…

But wisdom of this rhyme does not end here,there is more to it.These lines which I have mentioned at the start of this note,if read carefully,can open new vistas of thoughts upon the readers.

Yes,leaving them alone!!

These are the dilemmas of life.Sometimes,we dont know how to act,how to stop worst happening to us.We are unsure about future,situations,people and even ourselves.Everybody suffers from it,just like our miss Bo peep.And it is in such times,these words should echo in our mind,

Leave them alone,And they`ll come home

OR maybe

Leave it alone,and let God play His role

Not all problems need to be manipulated,sometimes they just take their own course and eventually Nature plays its role and eradicate them.All we have to do is trust in His Sublime Powers and pray for His mercy.Cause after all,we are just humans, and all Authority lies with Him.He is our Lord,our Protector, Our guardian.He never tests us beyond our capacities.He knows our Breaking Point,and He never lets us be near to it.

It is requested from all those in predicament,Thank your Creator.Thank Him if He is testing you,because He only tests those who have faith.Those,in whom he sees some spiritual light deep within.He tries to purify you,He tries to raise your rank up,He tries to bestow you with His blessings.

Be thankful to your God.Believe in Him.Trust Him enough.Let Him help you,Let Him lead your way!


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